Concealed Weapons Without Permits May Soon Be Allowed In NC

Gun rights advocates in North Carolina are now pushing for a new law that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. The new “Gun Rights Amendment” bill or HB 1148 is soon to be voted on in the NC House.

Presently, the law requires that anyone who wants to conceal a handgun under their clothes or in a purse, has to get a concealed carry permit.
To get a permit currently requires eight hours of training as well as a gun range test, then a federal, state, and local background check, and fingerprints.

If HB 1148 passes, all those requirements will be annulled.
The North Carolina House moved forward with the “Gun Rights Amendment” bill about forty-eight hours after the mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub.

At this point it’s not clear when the bill will be voted on, but if you’d like to see it pass or terminated, you can contact your representative and let them know how they should vote.

Here is the Bill.

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  1. Thomas Barbour

    This is our 2nd amendment right for protection of family and others that are in harms way. Pass the Bill with back ground check for all carring.

  2. Dean Burnette

    Keep the background checks and the firearm permits. And pass the bill. Please.

  3. Tammy Elaine Bentley

    Pass this Bill!!! Patrick McHenry, we will be watching your vote!

  4. Brad

    Sounds good, but will this enable felons to carry now? That would be a problem. Also it sounds too good to be true. Maybe it won’t matter because a federal law is probably already in the works to take them away.

    1. jeff

      brad…do you not kmnow how many people conceal anyway,even without a permit.. you must have x Ray vision

  5. Kim

    North Carolina is the last to pass anything, I don’t see it happening

  6. Ron Kauffman

    I am a major proponent of the 2nd Amendment and a NC Certified Instructor for Concealed Handgun Carry. I can tell you from my 2-years of teaching these classes and certifying over 200-students, that the majority of the men and women that attend my classes have no idea about gun safety, and many have never owned or shot a handgun. Not one of the students knows about the NC State laws concerning where concealed carry is or is not permitted, and under what circumstances deadly force may or should be used. While this sounds like a good Bill and a great idea in support of the 2nd Amendment, it will in my opinion also make our streets and towns more dangerous place. Putting guns into the hands of untrained people without the current minimum 8-hours of training now required will not make the people who choose to carry without training or the places where they live any safer, and may have the opposite effect.

    Ron Kauffman
    NC Certified Instructor #100192018

    1. RuRussell

      I completely agree, this bill makes no sense and by the hard-0n most of these posters seem to be getting, they`ll be the ones adding to the statistics of Prison or killed trying to be bad asses.

  7. Daniel

    That is retarded. It’s our right to carry a weapon if we know about firearms or not. The sheriff’s office and “instructors” such as yourself are the reason we have to get a permit to begin with. You can’t let go of your cashcow. It is ludacris to say that the average everyday American would be dangerous with a firearm. It’s our right to be armed whether you think we have enough training or not!

    Daniel Rothenberg
    USPSA shooter
    NRA Range Safety Officer
    AMERICAN citizen

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