Conceal Carry and Public Restrooms

Conceal Carry and Public Restrooms

Hey All,

I am new to the site and new to Conceal Carrying. I am looking for Tips and advice. I work in an office building and use the restrooms shared on my floor. I needed to use the stall the other day for the first time since carrying. I carry IWB at 4 O’Clock. I found it a bit awkward. I was prepared for the weight of the gun, but not once my pants were down. Most stall partitions do not go all the way to the floor and was worried someone might see. I had to fumble a lot to get it right and covered. No one was in there besides me, however I can see if someone was, or in the next stall it could become visible. I know this may sound like a strange question but it has to be a common occurrence. Thoughts anyone…?


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