CW380 vs LCP II – help with decision

CW380 vs LCP II – help with decision

I have a CM9 and like it. Wanted a .380 to pocket. These are my two choices.

I keep hearing how the LCP is “snappy”, which I take it to mean perceived recoil. And the sites are not great. However, much improved trigger pull, rounded edges, and might have an edge in concealment.

CW380 has nice sites, less perceived recoil. However, even with 200 rounds to break in, I’m hearing problems with reliability.

My initial feeling is to get the CW380 since it’s a mini CM9. However, I don’t want to get a pistol I cannot trust every time.

Would you weigh in with your experiences with both weapons. Remember, this is the new LCP II vs CW380.

Oh.. and now the price for me is identical for these two.


Source: USA Carry

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