Oregon Non-Resident Compelling Reason

Oregon Non-Resident Compelling Reason

Hello everyone,

I have been searching and can only find old threads that do not mention the “compelling reason” clause and mention counties that no longer process non-resident applications.

I live in California and travel to Oregon at least once a year with my wife to visit her family. I have my Utah permit, and waiting for my Arizona permit and my California permit is going through the DOJ and should be ready for pickup in May.

I will be in Oregon in August and traveling on I5 which means based on current Sheriff website info my only option is Jefferson county.

Apparently they now require pre-approval and that includes an approved “compelling reason” for being issued the Oregon non-resident CHL. Has anyone found one that works? Here is an excerpt from their non-resident flyer:
Recent examples of specific compelling reasons were:

1- Campground hosts who carried large amounts of cash money around from space fees at different

campgrounds in remote areas.

2- An out-of-state ICE officer who periodically works in Jackson County and encounters former

clients he’s sanctioned previously.

3- Ranchers in an adjacent California county who run cattle on both sides of the border and have run

across occupied marijuana grows and encountered bears/cougars at times.

4- A construction foreman who visits job sites at night for security purposes and has spooked would

be thieves/burglars.

Examples of declined reasons:

1- Just wanting one or just because a person has one in multiple other states.

2- I have one in a bordering state and don’t want to stop at the border to put my weapons in the trunk.

3- I camp, explore and visit the area often.

4- I come up once or twice a month to shop at Costco and/or visit the doctor

The above declined reasons didn’t overcome the fact that a person can still open carry under any of those

circumstances and still have their firearm with them.

Any thoughts?

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