From the School of Unload And Show Clear Tactical

From the School of Unload And Show Clear Tactical

From TFB | Watch Your Hands When You Unload And Show Clear:


From the School of Unload And Show Clear Tactical-17522804_1143316155795534_126592144153574041_n.jpg

A shooter was unloading his handgun when this happened. From what Scott relayed to me, was that the shooter cups the ejection port to catch the round to save time from picking it up off the floor. Now to clarify, this was not a malfunction. It was not a FTF and the primer was never struck. What happened was that during the unloading process the shooter’s hand covers the ejection port. The round most likely ejected into the hand but since the hand was so close to the ejection port it got caught between the slide and barrel.

Take a look at the picture below. You can see the primer lacks any hammer mark. However there is a clear crease from the edge of the slide cutting into the headstamp of the casing. If you look at the photo at the very top, you can see the bullet has a vertical line cut into it as well.

By cupping the round as it ejected out and it getting caught on the slide as the slide tried to close, the round went off in the shooter’s hand.

Here is what Scott relayed to me:

Read the rest of the story at TFB. My comments on this:

  1. When a gun actually needs to be unloaded, eject the magazine and lock the slide back (or bolt open).
  2. When you lock the slide back during unloading or rack the slide during loading or malfunction clearance, never have your hand fully over and close to the ejection port.
  3. Never try to catch a round, because that’s when negligence happens.
  4. Never use ammunition picked up at a range in a gun, even if you think it is yours.
  5. Don’t unload and show clear. Unload your gun only when required for transportation or storage.
  6. Don’t attend any, so called, firearms training school that enforces unload and show clear at the range.
  7. Never carry an unloaded gun, ever!

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From the School of Unload And Show Clear Tactical-17522804_1143316155795534_126592144153574041_n.jpg 

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