Inability to legally carry on federal property

Inability to legally carry on federal property

K, so we’re not allowed to carry on federal property like USPS, military installation, VA hospital & a plethora of other government buildings.


I wish to hell some legislation would go up to change that.

IF a place has armed security, then I’m more “ok” with not being armed. But some of the restricted government buildings do not, like the US Post Offices, or if they do, they stay hidden.

IMO, all it does is create a “gun free zone” where the real dangerous people have easier targets if they decide to strike.

I know there has been some legislation recently about active duty military being more easily able to carry concealed, but that doesn’t make much sense to me either. If I’m active duty, I should be allowed, no required, to be armed at all times, open or concealed. I mean is the ‘sign up’ check to enter service not stringent enough, or weapons training not adequate? Seriously, to me an unarmed soldier is a civilian being forced to play “dress up.”

Am guessing active duty personnel are hesitant to raise a stink about this because it could upset those in command.

Just a thought…..

Source: USA Carry

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