WTS Selling collection due to illness

WTS Selling collection due to illness

Well got some news today that I am sure no one here on the boards would ever what to get. I was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer which has spread to 3 spots on my brain. I have just completed radiation treatment and it has taken some toll on my body as far. Tired all the time and not much energy. This brings me to my question for all my friends on the site. I now have to task of selling off my small gun collection to get as much money as I can to leave for my wife. I hope not to get into the position of “giving away the guns for any money I can get but to get a fair price for each for the family. I am asking for any advise as to how to sell the inventory to maximize it’s worth and would welcome any suggestions as to how would be the best way to sell them off. I would also like to sell the assorted magazines and quite of bit of ammo I had been accumulating for the coming problems I see out nation facing. I have weapons that I have not even fired for lack of time as well as weapons that I have all being in like new condition with original boxes and paper work.

So again any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as to making the task before me a bit easier since I really don’t know how much time God has allotted me on this earth before he calls me home.

Thanks gilfo

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