Germany has a crime wave of their own creation

Germany has a crime wave of their own creation

We are seeing that aspect occurring right here in the US right now and do we want it to continue?


Migrant crime wave has raised by 50% in 2016, according to Eurostat, asylum applicants in Germany.

2014: 172,845

2015: 441,800

2016: 722,266


Migrant criminal suspects in Germany, according to Germany interior ministry and these are only the ones that were reported, but there has been a government level of not reporting these criminal activities.

2104: 60,912

2015: 114,238

2016: 174,438


Now I know we don’t have these same levels of migrant inputs from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, but what President Trump is trying to do with his pause on 7 Middle Eastern countries until they can be assured that the people coming from these countries can be vetted is the correct way to go, to try and keep our country from becoming what is happening in Germany right now.

Source: USA Carry

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