Last Sidearm Contract Ever?

Last Sidearm Contract Ever?

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If you think about the leaps in technology in the last ten years and think generally about technology development, is it too soon to say that Sig Sauer might be the last gun manufacturer to be awarded a side arm contract for the US military?

Between kinetic weapon development, robots, rail guns, drones, lasers and even non lethal but disabling technologies related to sound, pressure, and vision blinding/masking, is it even probable that lead projectile guns will be military or LEO issued in 10 years?

Will Government law enforcement have trouble keeping a straight face when someone yells “stay back, I’ve got a gun!” in a decade? Will soldiers in ten years be the result of human procreation or just machines? My gut says that guns will be antiqued by technology and somehow, the powers to be already know this.

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