It's That Time Again! Ramadan Pig Roast & Barbecue!

It’s That Time Again! Ramadan Pig Roast & Barbecue!

Well, it’s that time again. Tonight is the (?)th Annual Ramadan Pig Roast and Barbecue at The Infidels MC’s clubhouse about 30 miles from here. Announcements are posted everywhere that islamists congregate on the web, as long as English is the primary language of the site. Muslims are invited to come stop us from “celebrating” Ramadan in our own special way(s). So far, after at least five years that I am personally aware of, no takers. While Infidels members themselves probably have their rifles there at the clubhouse, the rest of us who ride our bikes to the event are armed only with pistols and knives. Still no takers. Grease from the pig(s) are funneled out of the barbecue into a large coffee-can and attendees are invited to bring all the ammo they like and dip the bullets in the grease. While none of us believe the idiocy of islam that says ingestion (or insertion) of pork products will prevent the mohammedans from receiving their pornographic rewards in the hereafter, they do believe it, so that might be a reason why there’s been no takers yet to try to prevent the sacrilege. This year’s event will have the added enticement to stop us with a mohammad-drawing contest, with bonus points given if the “artist” can incorporate the mohammad image onto a camel’s ass. LOL

The Infidels MC is a national organization. Each Chapter does the same “celebration” sometime during the Ramadan season. The Infidels are about 60/40 current active duty WoT participants/veterans within their national membership, but down here in South Alabama, with their clubhouse being in the same county as Fort Rucker, the ratio is much higher than that. While my personal views on the WoT have gone from support to near-ambivalence over the last ~16 years, I fully understand the mindset of this group of current or former warriors. Every single one of them have lost multiple friends and/or family members in the WoT. It is personal loss and personal experience which drives the angst that leads to such a mocking event as this. They’ve figured out how to make their mocking fun for everyone, member or not, warrior or not, even biker or not, so I enthusiastically participate with them. There’s probably an Infidels clubhouse near you, so if anyone’s interested, try to find out where they’re at and when the pig roast is and join ’em. See how the other half lives, or the other 1% as the case may be. LOL

This was last year’s thread where you can get a peek at the gigantic smoker/barbecue I had an extensive hand in building. Made out of a re-purposed 1,000 gal. propane tank, I joined the members of another local club in turning it into a barbecue on a trailer complete with enough storage for wood to run the unit for 24 hours, or thereabouts. The club that I helped build it with is a support club for one of the nation’s Top 4 clubs’ Chapter here in the Dothan area of Alabama. There are at least 10 or 12 clubs in this area, and everybody gets along great. The owners of the smoker we built lets other clubs use it pretty much anytime they want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with one of their own events, or two (or more) clubs want it for the same weekend, in which case, they either give it to the club that’s supported them the most throughout the years, or first come, first served, however all that works out. This Infidels event gets the most attendance out of any others I’ve seen since building it last year, but the big club still loans it out hoping the event raises lots of money for The Infidels, which it has for the five years that I’ve been attending.



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