NRA-ILA recently supported S.446. Here's why you should oppose S.446 & support H.R.38

NRA-ILA recently supported S.446. Here’s why you should oppose S.446 & support H.R.38

This subject HAS come up before, but I consider this topic “fresh” (sort of) because the NRA-ILA has just issued a post in which it clearly supports Cornyn’s S.446 (a Senate bill on Concealed Carry Reciprocity) as well as H.R. 38.

So I suppose it’s time again for me to make clear why it is that I don’t agree with S.446, while I do support H.R. 38. For those of you who have issued already lengthy criticisms of BOTH bills, please note that my feeling is somewhat synonymous with _some_ of your arguments…. I would rather have neither of these bills, but rather would have a bill which actually is different and more respectful and more protective of all of our rights.

However, in consideration of what I currently see going through Congress, I do feel compelled to say I am profoundly disturbed by S.446 (and will continue to oppose it), and I could live with H.R. 38 (and will support it for now), while I am hoping for a better alternative to be passed in the future.

In case you are curious, I am not a member of the NRA, but I do support the NRA usually a couple times a year, through FNRA dinners, as well as contributing to various other pro-gun groups.. primarily to their legal funds so as to contribute to the current or eventual court battles.

So here is the background on this, please feel free to discuss it or not for what it’s worth although please do so with a modicum of respect for all those who present their views here, I suppose that’s all I ask.

1) The NRA-ILA position (or positions on bills) can be seen here, regarding its support for S.446 and H.R. 38:…am-in-congress

2) A huge long discussion where I brought up my views before on S.446 and why I oppose it (it hasn’t changed, so I still do oppose it for the reasons described here):…hould-too.html

All this circulates around Cornyn’s sabotage of attempts for real reciprocity. Note where he and his staff insert in his S.446 the following: “Rule of construction.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to preempt any provision of State law with respect to the issuance of licenses or permits to carry concealed firearms.” So basically he attempts to make S.446 a tool by which to neuter (as well as make totally toothless) any real effect of H.R.38 as it would be applied to the states. Remember, Cornyn is in the same gun-controller crowd that wanted to use watch lists to unconstitutionally restrict who would have access to guns, and Cornyn’s S.446 proposal (which NRA-ILA now supports) doesn’t even mesh with what President Trump stated he wanted for reciprocity.

Quote from Trump’s (pre-election – and hasn’t changed yet) Statement on Second Amendment Rights:

( Full statement:…ent_Rights.pdf )

President Trump: “Driver’s license works in every state, so a concealed carry permit should in every state. If we can do that for driving- a privilege – then we can do that for concealed carry, a right.”

That doesn’t exactly line up with what Cornyn wants, does it?

So who do we agree with, Cornyn or President Trump with respect to whether our rights should be accessible to a select few and limited by the states (as per Cornyn) or available to everyone (as per President Trump)? I choose the latter.

3) I have argued elsewhere that we should NEVER have to appeal to the states to exercise our rights and have posted an alternative proposal that I feel would be better than current legislative proposals in Congress, but it is just at this point for discussion.

Please see:…tml#post620213

And also:…19492561406989

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