German Precision Optics (GPO) Passion 10×42 HD

German Precision Optics (GPO) Passion 10×42 HD

I just read an article in Western Hunter under the title of Gear for the Western Hunter, “Thanks to new technologies, some great 10x42s can be had for less than $1000.00

It featured the:

Zeiss Conquest HD 10×42

Sig Sauer Zulu 7 10×42

German Precision Optics (GPO) Passion 10×42 HD


Leica Trinovid HD 10×42

According to the ratings the German Precision Optics Passion HD 10×42 Binoculars came out on top. We have posted a few times about this new to the scene optics company and it seems that they really are being very well received.

Here is what was said about the German Precision Optics Passion HD 10×42 Binoculars in the write up.

German Precision Optics (GPO) jumped into the performance optics market with

both feet just a few months ago, and they are already turning heads. They are rolling out

their product line in multiple phases and so far each product has exceeded expectations.

The U.S. division is led by industry veteran, Mike Jensen. In full disclosure, Mike

and I have been friends, co-workers, and hunting partners for over 25 years. He is the

guy who first showed me how and why to mount a binocular on a tripod. GPO doesn’t get

any special treatment due to our relationship. In fact, I hold them to an even higher standard.

As the saying goes, “You might fool the spectators, but you can’t fool the players.”

All of GPO’s products are engineered in Germany and then produced in Asia. This

has become a more common practice in all facets of manufacturing. By sourcing the

best manufacturer for specific parts and final assembly, a company can keep costs

down. Of course, quality control can become an issue…like cell phones that suddenly

burst into flames. So, GPO inspects every optical product in Germany before it enters

their inventory.

For another level of security, GPO offers their exclusive “Spectacular Lifetime Warranty”.

If a product isn’t functioning properly, they will repair or replace it at no charge,

forever. They even authorize their dealers to replace a product on site if necessary!

The Passion 10×42 HD is the flagship binocular from GPO. The magnesium single

micro bridge design keeps the mass of the binocular centered when mounted to a tripod.

The center focus locking diopter adjustment is a feature usually reserved for high-priced

binos. The aluminum eyecups are capped with a rubber ring for comfort and have a

positive stop at the bottom, middle, and top of the adjustment.

GPO employs a double HD glass technology, combined with their proprietary GPObright

lens coating to deliver excellent brightness and color control. The Passion 10×42

received the highest marks from our testers for over all image quality and resolution,

and thus the highest overall score.

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