Help out a noob.

Help out a noob.

You guys probably all hear this question constantly and it probably stirs up as much dread as someone asking for recommendation of which hemorrhoid medicine to use. But here it goes.

Which gun should I carry?

Here’s some background. I got my CCW earlier this year. I’ve since been carrying a Taurus PT-709 (it’s okay to laugh). I love the little gun. I take it to the range constantly (Idk if that’s good or bad). But I really want to carry a full size gun.

I’m really considering the Smith & Wesson M&P. I’m also considering a Glock. To be completely honest, I’m only considering these out of recommendation. So I guess I’m asking for more recommendations. If you wanted to carry a full-size 9mm and your budget was around $400 to $500, and it was also your first full size gun, what gun would you recommend?

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