Gun Related Research Survey Help

Gun Related Research Survey Help

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I am a graduate student at the University of Missouri working on my dissertation regarding membership organizations. Specifically, I am interested in the entrepreneurial differences between people who join or donate to groups and those who do not. The theory upon which I am basing my research is derived from an economic understanding of entrepreneurship. As such, I expect to demonstrate that members of organizations are more like investors than they are consumers. My survey is focused on gun-related organizations and advocates.

To alleviate concerns regarding the survey’s legitimacy and privacy, I’ve posted the above anonymous link that anyone on this forum can use. That is, the survey linked above is a Qualtrics Anonymous Link run through the University of Missouri. As such, “No identifying information such as name or email address is collected…” I do ask, however, for general descriptions like birth year, sex, and state of residence. Most of the questions relate to stances on gun issues, knowledge of guns/gun laws, and crime; while a few are income/debt proxies that allow me to test my entrepreneurial theory.

It’s not designed to address gun policy, but rather membership decision-making. It is comprehensive and estimated by Qualtrics to take a maximum of 17 minutes (although under 10 seems reasonable, especially for those who are not members of an organization). There is a timed section (with visible timers), so make sure you have uninterrupted span of time to take it. The survey is also maximized for mobile devices, if you want to use your phone/tablet.

I would greatly appreciate everyone taking my survey. Although I’m not specifically addressing gun policy and/or its effect on crime with my study, you’d still be helping out a pro-gun rights researcher.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. For those who do take it, please refrain from posting any question-specific comments to avoid influencing other respondents; I can field those questions via PM.…eI7KfHcF5R9aQJ

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